Customer Support

Our Customer Support Division ensures that our clients have a successful journey through our program and is available M-TH, 8am to 5pm, and Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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Our Customer Support Departments

Account Reconciliation Department

The Account Reconciliation Department's goal is to ensure the proper setup of new client accounts in our systems. By verifying that all of the client's information has been properly entered into our database, we are helping to ensure that new clients receive all of the appropriate creditor benefits. This process involves verification of all creditor information, including balances and account numbers. Additionally, Account Reconciliation is responsible for getting balances on accounts that are nearly paid-in-full. This function includes actually procuring the balances, as well as ensuring temporary payments are established that will pay the account in full without overpaying it, and re-allocating future funds to remaining creditors in a manner that is in the best interest of the client.

ACH Department

The main function of the ACH Department is to receive and process payments made to our companies via ACH withdrawal. In general, this department receives client's ACH Applications and enrolls them in the ACH program, withdraws the appropriate funds from ACH clients and posts them in our database. To enroll in ACH, clients must provide us with their personal banking information, sign an authorization form, and provide a voided check. We, in turn, withdraw funds directly from their accounts electronically. It is the most convenient method for clients because the funds are withdrawn every month, automatically. Therefore, the client needs only to ensure that there are funds available. This service is provided free of charge to our clients.

Please note that our ACH Department is only available until 4:30pm, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


The Benefits Verification & Analysis (BVAD) department monitors the progress of newly enrolled clients to ensure that their accounts have been properly enrolled, and that they meet all creditor standards and the criteria necessary for the extension of benefits. BVAD also answers incoming creditor calls.

Customer Care Department

The Customer Care Department is responsible for handling all client inquiries regarding their account. This department handles all telephone, email, or letter inquiries from the clients regarding any concerns or questions they may have about their account, and works to rectify all account issues that may occur.

Please note that our Customer Care Department is available Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and on Fridays from 9am to 5pm, Eastern Time.

Credit Counseling Inquiry Center (CCIC)

This is our call center. Consumers from all over the country contact our agency by various means and for various purposes. This department receives all incoming inquiries from new consumers and routes this information to the appropriate staff.

Evaluation Department

The Evaluation Department reviews all new client accounts to ensure that they have been properly enrolled on our Debt Management Plan (DMP) in order to attain the maximum benefits. Additionally, this area determines the amount of a new client's payment, according to creditor requirements.

Education/Certification Department

The Education Department is responsible for all aspects of client and employee education, including the in-house training and certification of new staff when applicable, the administration of NFCC/PFE certification training for all necessary staff, and the development and teaching of all continuing education curricula. In addition, the Education Department conducts financial education seminars for a variety of social service agencies, non-profit organizations and schools.

Payment Processing Department

The main function of the Payment Processing Department is to receive and process our clients' monthly payments and disburse them to their creditors. Payments can be made in the form of ACH, Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Cash (for walk-in clients), Western Union Quick Collect, Money Gram, and Military Allotment. Payment Processing receives the payments and enters them into our Customer Tracking System (CTS). Payments are then disbursed to each of the client's creditors in the form of a paper check or electronic transmission.

Please note that our Payment Processing Department is only available until 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Proposal Department

The Proposal Department was developed in an effort to more efficiently track all proposals sent to our clients' creditors. This area processes proposal responses from creditors. Proposals that are accepted by creditors are notated in our Customer Tracking System. Proposals that are returned to our company as declined, for any reason, are reviewed and processed by the Proposal Department so that a mutually beneficial arrangement can be established between the client and creditor. This area also monitors proposals where no response has been received at all, following up with the creditor to ensure the client is set up properly and receiving the expected benefits.

Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance/ISO Compliance Department's main focus is on ensuring quality in all aspects of our agency. This includes the maintenance of our ISO 9000 registration, as well as the management of all agency improvements or enhancements. Additionally, this area is responsible for maintaining all documentation, the Corrective and Preventative Action process, the Internal Auditing process, and project plans for process improvements.